Karlskoga World Cup


 (The second competition in Dreiländerpokal 2019)


When:                                30 of May - 2 of June 2019

Where:                               Karlskoga MFK’s field at Åbytorp just outside Karlskoga, Sweden

Classes:                             F2A, F2B, F2D (World Cup)
Additional classes:    Minispeed, Semispeed, Weatherman, Semistunt, F2C, Goodyear Racing

Entry fee:                     35 Euro/350 SEK per class in F2A, F2B and F2D. 25 Euro (Juniors)

                                          17 Euro/170 SEK (Seniors) and 12 Euro/120 SEK (Juniors)
                                          in Minispeed, Semistunt, F2C, Goodyear Racing.

                                          5 Euro/50 SEK in Weatherman and Semispeed.

                                          Fuel included for F2A but NOT for F2D.

                                          Pilots entering more than one class will get a discount.

Rules:                               According to 2019 FAI Sporting Code.

                                          All participants in F2A, F2B and F2D must have a valid Sporting License.

 Schedule:                        Thursday 30 of May 09.00-18.00:    Training. Registration.
                                          Minispeed, Semispeed, Weatherman, F2B and Semistunt.

                                          Friday 31 of May 09.00-18.00:         Training. Registration. F2B,
                                          Semistunt, F2C, Goodyear Racing.

                                          Saturday 1 of June 09.30-18.00:     F2A and F2D.

                                          Saturday 1 of June 20.00:               Barbeque at the field.

                                          Sunday 2 of June 09.00-16.00:       F2A and F2D.

 Barbeque:                        No pre-entry required. We will prepare the Charcoal Grills and
                                          everyone can bring their own food and prepare it to their own taste.
                                          We will also sell food packages.

 Entries & Info:              Ingemar Larsson, Forbondegatan 14, 462 41 VÄNERSBORG, SWEDEN.
                                            Tel: +46 703 40 44 05, +46 521 67212   

                                            The entry fee can be paid at the registration on the field.

                                            Fuel for F2A and F2D will be sold at the field.

 More info & Maps:            Information about registered competitors, camping, hotels and                                                                 maps can be found at

Limit:                               Maximum number of competitors in F2D will be 40.

 Extras:                           A limited amount of beds are available at10 Euro per night.

                                      Caravan parking with electricity is available at 10 euros per night.

                                      A valid Insurance is necessary for participating in the competition.

                                      A valid Sporting License is necessary if you take in any of the FAI                                              Classes (F2A-F2B-F2C-F2D).


Denna hemsida är byggd med - prova gratis du med.(info & kontakt)