Karlskoga World Cup


 (The second competition in Dreiländerpokal 2017)


When:                                25th - 28th of May 2017

Where:                               Karlskoga MFK’s field at Åbytorp just outside Karlskoga, Sweden

Classes:                             F2A, F2B, F2D, Minispeed, Semispeed, Weatherman Speed, Semistunt

Entry fee:                          35 Euro (350 SEK) per class in F2A and F2D (classes with WC status).

                                          150 SEK (Seniors) and 120 SEK (Juniors) in F2B and Semistunt.

                                          100 SEK in Minispeed. 50 SEK in Weatherman and Semispeed.

                                          Fuel included for F2A but NOT for F2D.

Rules:                                According to 2017 FAI Sporting Code.

                                          All participants in F2A and F2D must have a valid Sporting License.

 Schedule:                          Thursday 25th of May 09.00-18.00:    Training. Registration.

                                          Friday 26th of May 09.00-18.00:         Registration. Stunt & Speed contest.

                                          Saturday 27th of May 09.30-18.00:     F2A and F2D.

                                          Saturday 27th of May 20.00:               Barbeque at the field.

                                          Sunday 28th of May 09.00-15.00:       F2A and F2D.

 Judges:                               F2A:              Göran Olsson                    SWE  (Transitrace will be used)

                                            F2B:              Willy Blom                        SWE
                                                                 Sven-Erik Gullbrand          SWE

                                            F2D:              Ingemar Larsson                SWE
                                                                 Niklas Karlsson                  SWE
                                                                 Marta Sala Reverte            ESP

 Barbeque:                             No pre-entry required. We will prepare the Charcoal Grills and everyone
                                             can bring their own food and prepare it to their own taste.

 Entries & Info:                   Ingemar Larsson, Forbondegatan 14, 462 41 VÄNERSBORG, SWEDEN.
                                           Tel: +46 703 40 44 05, +46 521 67212   

                                            The entry fee can be paid at the registration on the field.

                                            Fuel for F2A and F2D will be sold at the field.

 More info & Maps:               Information about registered competitors, camping, hotels and maps can be
                                            found at

Limit:                                   Maximum number of competitors in F2D will be 50.

 Extras:                                A limited amount of beds are available in the cabins.

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